Founder & Managing Director

Sandra attended Business College and qualified in 1988, in Travel Management. She went on to receive the PRISA qualification in Public Relations, in 1992 with Damelin SA. In May 2000, she completed the International Marketing Management (IMM) with distinction, through the Institute of Marketing Management UK.  

During 2001, she completed an International Leadership Program in Switzerland. Sandra is also a qualified Neuro Semantic Professional Coaching Practitioner, since November 2006 when she completed a Coaching Practitioner Certificate with the Meta Skills Institute SA. In 2013 she completed the Master Coach program & received the ACMC Certification (Associate Certified Meta Coach) awarded by ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics).

She has coached many Business Executives and has a vast experience in Coaching, Training and Consulting. She is a registered member of ‘The International Coach Federation’ based in the United States. Her professional career began when she joined SAA in 1989 and went on to spend 14 very exciting and successful years with them. She was the youngest female ever to be appointed as Regional General Manager (RSA Sales & Voyager), in the global airline industry. As the head of SAA’s Sales and Voyager operations she was responsible for achieving an annual revenue target of over ZAR6 Billion. During her Leadership she inspired her team and together they achieved unprecedented revenue growth and transformed SAA Sales into a world-class efficient and effective operation. In the year 2000/2001 they achieved a record annual revenue growth of 46%.

In 2002, she left SAA to follow her passion to develop programs to inspire Leaders and employees by unleashing their hidden potentials. She specialises in improving EQ skills, perfect communication skills and to practice ‘Authentic Leadership’ techniques. She coached many Executives who wanted to create balance in their lives and become ‘Holistically Fit’, balancing their mental, physical and emotional well-being. More importantly she Coaches them to achieve their Dreams by developing well-formed outcomes and accomplish personal goals. She started her own business and founded ‘New Beginnings Training Centre’ in South Africa in May 2003.

In 2006-9 she was asked to restructure the HR function for the Cullinan Group (including Thompsons Holidays) and transformed the HR and Training department by creating an innovative People Relations Department and a  and People Development Training Centre. New Beginnings has created many unique training and coaching programs to ensure businesses inspire their people, create customer obsession at every touch point and realign their culture to deliver their service and brand promises. Sandra spent two years researching and studying International Best Practise in People Development, Human Capital, and Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in business. She used this knowledge together with her extensive reading and business experience in perfecting all the People Development products, she has created.

She has developed a successful, all encompassing, unique personal development program called ‘The Power of YOU’. This is the program that creates powerful individuals. It is well known that powerful individuals create powerful organisations! This life changing program progresses delegates through 10 live skills modules to sustainably create a changed focus to realise their maximum potential. This unique process encourages delegates to take charge of their lives and address weaknesses and to achieve personal growth and development through self introspection.  They are guided to instil positive thinking, understand stress, develop EQ competencies, remove limiting beliefs, become financially wise, embrace change and improve inter personal skills. She has had substantial evidence and testimony on how the ‘Power of YOU’ program has improved people’s lives.

She has developed a Coaching Package called ‘Personal Power’ which includes 5 one-on-one Coaching sessions that focuses in 5 different areas of personal development.   She has developed her own unique Coaching Model, called SPECTRA and is now sharing it with Leaders.

She is President and founder of IOCA (Indian Ocean Coaching Association) She is the only qualified Neuro Semantic Trainer in the Indian Ocean Islands and is licensed to Train all Neuro-Semantic Training Programs. She is the only Licensed Identity Compass Consultant in the Indian Ocean Islands. Identity Compass is a cutting edge Profiling and Assessment tool. She is also the Qualified Agent licensed to consult, provide Training and implement the Strategic Planning tool called the “Compass Aligned Performance System” known as ‘C@PS’, for the Indian Ocean Islands. This consists of a strategic workshop which assists companies to determine and implement their 3 year strategic objectives and monitor the progress with its electronic web based performance monitoring system, ‘e-c@ps’.

Today, New Beginnings is a very successful ‘Business Revival’ &‘People Development’ Consultancy and Training Institution, in Mauritius.