New Beginnings Coaching is a registered Training Institution operating under the established and well-known Brand ‘New Beginnings’.

New Beginnings operated in South Africa since 2003 and provided training and consulting services to many South African businesses, especially to large corporate companies.

NewB specializes in people Development, Customized Training and Professional Coaching. Sandra Aveleira Viljoen is the founder and creator of the New Beginnings Brand and Products.

New Beginnings offers a variety of exciting products and services which focus on People, Passion and Emotions. These include specific Training Programs which are renowned standardized courses, such as ‘The Ripple Effect’, ‘Building a Future Together’, as well as programs which are consultative based and customized according to an organization’s specific needs and requirements.

New Beginnings also brings International recognized programs and is the only licensed provider in Mauritius for eC@PS, a unique Compass Aligned Performance System Training Tool, Identity Compass Personal Assessment tools and the Meta-Coach Training system certified by the International Society of Neuro Semantics.

It can be assured that after attending a New Beginnings workshop, people walk-out motivated, enthused and passionate about themselves, their companies and serving customers!!! New Beginnings is a registered Training Institution with the MQA (Mauritian Qualifications Authority), since April 2011.

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