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New Beginnings welcomes you on a journey to reach your full potential with its SPECTRA model of personal growth.

New Beginnings logo symbolizes the beautiful African orange Sunset. The sunset is always breathtaking to watch at the end of the day, it leaves you with a sense of contentment and has a calming and soothing effect, as you look back at the past and gives you inspiration to plan the future ahead. It is the perfect time to gather your thoughts, review your actions and reflect on those special memories. It is also the perfect times to build on your dreams for the future.

In keeping with its logo, New Beginnings was inspired by the Rainbow to develop the SPECTRA Model. A Rainbow appears after the rain. It shines colorfully as if to cheer up the sky. It beautiful ray sparkles its own unique striking colour, yet its magical radiance comes from the synergy of the complete band of colors which are progressively arranged to form a spectacular spectrum as one unit!

The SPECTRA Model blends a series of development Steps together which overlap progressively like the colours of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) to ensure you sparkle with radiant energy as you journey to your desired success.

The SPECTRA Model comprises of these 'rainbow rays' of seven separate individual units merging together to take you on your journey to reach your potential.

It will take you through the process of analyzing your 'Situation', finding your direction and 'Purpose', evaluating your personal 'Position', ensuring you are 'Connecting', with those around you and optimizing relationships. 'Tooling' up your requirements to better equip your process, requiring you to 'Reflect' back to review your progress and finally making sure you move ahead by implementing your 'Action' plan.

The SPECTRA Model is an ideal tool for Managers and Leaders to use with their employees to inspire them to deliver and perform at their peak. It’s a great model to turn mediocre employees into Top Performers!

This process will enable you to unleash your potential and start a new beginning!