Our Business consulting package provides support and information to assist in the running and future strategy of an organization.

Strategic Implementation – [email protected]


Every organization is looking for a simple, effective and affordable strategic planning, implementation and performance process that aligns all the employees to achieving its vision. The Compass Aligned Performance System ([email protected]) is a unique methodology that does this and more. [email protected] delivers a one page strategic plan, together with supportive individual performance plans at the end of a two day practical interactive session involving the leadership and top management of any business. The execution and monitoring that results are being achieved is driven by [email protected] the online monitoring and performance management system of [email protected] New Beginnings is the exclusive Mauritian distributor of the [email protected] and [email protected] process and methodology. As the leading Strategists ‘Norton and Kaplan’ stated “The ability to execute strategy is more important than the strategy itself”.


Total cost

is for 2 complete days
Rs 138,000.00
For a group of 2 – 45 participants.


Management/Leadership Team, Entire Department.

Business Improvement Strategies

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Leadership Implementation Strategies

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