Our Team building program is a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses. The programs are planned and carried out strategically to improve team dynamics.

The Ripple Effect

1 Full Day Teambuilding Program that motivates people and develops People Skills. It promotes Self-Awareness and Self Development and Improves communication skills. Helps employees to connect better with people and build great people relationships. Explains Energy Transfer and how Positive & Negative energy affects the People around you. Includes; Practical Exercises with Tibetan Bowls and Divining Rods and completing your ‘Wheel of Life’.

Course Name: Unleashing your Power Zone

Course details: Learn on Meta-Stating ownership of your Powers. Ownership of your Powers creates a sense of control and establish the basis for your personal empowerment, responsibility and proactivity. This program is tailor made to individual needs and requirements. Please contact the NewB team for more information.

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Target: Managers, Leaders, Executives, Teams

Total cost

Rs 8,000.00.
Per delegate


General Employees.

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