Team Coaching aims to create and maintain high performing teams. Distinct from individual coaching, the programs leads to enchanced businedd and team productivity, positivity and performance.

Group and Team Coaching

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Identity Compass Assessment

The Identity Compass® is an innovative personnel selection tool which uses an inventory of "thinking structures". It registers how people think and make decisions in typical work situations. It points out what motivates employees, what their values are and what their career goals are. The Identity Compass® gives clear guidance on which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvement can best be achieved.

Cost per Interview

Rs 9,000 + VAT

Belbin Individual & Team Assessment

The Belbin Team Role Self‐Perception Inventory (BTRSPI) was designed to measure behavioural Characteristics which individuals display when working in teams. Since the BTRSPI measures behaviour rather than personality, it is not considered to be a psychometric test. Rather, personality is one of many factors which can influence behaviour. Other factors include internalised values and motivations, and the external working environment or “Field Constraints”:

The BTRSPI measures behaviour because Belbin believes that this provides the most useful and verifiable information regarding an individual to a recruiter, manager or consultant, as well as to the individual concerned. Whilst it could be argued that only the individual himself knows his own personality, behavior is observable and can be interpreted and used to predict future reactions and conduct.

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