These last 3 days have been the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my life. You are like a blessing to me for showing us that there exist such a powerful state within ourselves and we just have to be aware of it and it unlock the keys to so many things in our life. You are like my “orange anchor”, may be words are not enough to describe how I am living and breathing each of the present moment. Like I shared to you that my office has become like a vitamin C, orange energy place for everybody to get the powerful energy and shine like a diamond. Now, finally I feel myself so much in my power zone and using the mind to muscle pattern and it is just amazing about what miracle we can actually do. Since Sunday, after all our great experience, I actually woke up early, forgot all my “so called pain”, took my shoes, and put on my music and stated with my cardio, and did actually 25 real and complete abs exercise and I did some more yesterday and today, I did my 40 abs , cardio and then my aqua activities and swimming. It’s incredible how all of the resources are within ourselves and we just need to be aware of them. I must say thank to you I AM IN AWE with myself.

Reena Ramdawon

VIP Laser Clinic