Indeed I cannot help but to share the upstart of my day today after the most fabulous 03 days of my life. I woke up taking full responsibility of how I want to be today….all the beautiful words and phrases (resources) were tossing and turning all around me. It was like plucking ripe fruits from a tree!!! I drove with serenity and I was on time to work…so no need for overspeeding…!!!! Greeted everybody with a big smile…feel like having so much to share to everyone around me and appreciating everyone around…Feel like I am in such a wonderful world…because I chose to make it wonderful…Looking forward for more sharing…Thank you for the music…my mantras to keep me connected!!. Once again thank you very much for the great journey that you both have facilitated for me. I feel reborn with great potentials for a great life ahead. Reborn at 50…wow! Thank you great people. You are just awesome!

Anuradha Nunkoo

Air Mauritius