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Instead of training with strings attached,
we coach with ‘wings’ attached!!

New Beginnings has adopted a ‘fresh look’ at training, coaching and
developing people to meet the ever changing needs of companies in the 21st Century. We focus on People, Passion and Emotions.

In a fast, modern and ever changing corporate world, Organisations are faced with a new set of ‘people dynamics’ and ‘new-age challenges’. Customers keep getting smarter and far more demanding. Comptition keeps getting tougher and tougher. Products and Services are expected to get better but at lower prices. On top of these challenges, leaders must still find time to ensure that the people of the organisation are kept motivated, inspired, focused on delivering excellent customer service, exceed company goals and targets and at the same time become resilient to daily changes and challenges.


  • It was the best opportunity / platform to assess myself and to set the way forward, both career wise and in my personal life. Forget about the tons of learning materials / training you can find nowadays, go for this course with the NewB Team and you will definitely enlighten and boost your personal and professional life, while reconfiguring your...

    Jonathan Rose

    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • Awesome and an eye opener. I had a wonderful time and feel proud to have been selected to form part of this training. I would definitely recommend New Beginnings.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • One of the best training courses that I have attended recently, which will definitely have an impact in making me a better person. I was very apprehensive before the start of the journey but it turned out to be and unforgettable moment with immense learning experience.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • An enriching and valuable experience. I have learnt about the 7 core coaching skills in coaching which I am putting more into practice in my personal and professional life.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • This course has raised the level of my self-awareness and my understanding of others. I strongly recommend this course to those who want to inspire and connect with others by touching their hearts.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • A real eye-opener to have meaningful conversations and bring our thinking to the next level. A fantastic training that I would highly recommend. It really helps not only in our professional environment but also in our personal life.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • Through this course, I have learned to give myself permission to stop and think in my doings, put in perspective the being. It is a course that I feel I want more, I want to share and continue to live life on my take-aways. Thank you NB Team.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • Contributed to my Personal Development – This course has helped me to reshape my vision.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • An excellent programme with a feeling of achievement. Everything was taught for a reason – to better ourselves and gain knowledge. It was interesting, delivered at a good pace and enjoyable.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • This course is an asset – that shall be with me till I die. Leadership starts with Self-awareness and then moves to leading others.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • It was a Proud moment for me this morning to see my Management Team Graduating from the Leadership and Management Development Program. WELL DONE TEAM. Thanks to Sandra, Simone and Ehsan for all the hard work.


    Maitland – Unleashing Leadership Potential

  • I feel great and free!!! Thank you lots and lots


    Blue Connect

  • I recommend this to everyone who is interested in Coaching. It is another way of coaching.


    Steven Hills

  • How Inspiring!’ Sandra and Ehsan. Thanks to make the difference and to be so generous in sharing your knowledge and skills


    Sofitel Imperial Hotel

  • This course has enabled me to see the world and myself differently.


    Meem Services

  • Meta Coaching facilitates the Phoenix in us to regenerate from our ashes!


    Constance Hotels & Resorts

  • I am grateful for having been part of this program. My acronym for remembering the 15 Meta-Questions was meta state when I got ‘EFFECTIV MADCOWS’


    RT knits

  • This (Self Leadership) should be taught in every school!


    First - Exec Co Ltd

  • If you want to discover yourself and require the tools for you to lead a better life, do this course. I regret not having done it earlier.

    Jean Yves


  • Sandra and Ehsan are such amazing trainers. They took me on a journey where I discovered myself, better understood my different states. Highly recommend them for coaching.


    Coaching Genius / Self Leadership Participant

  • I was skeptical at first but the trainers succeeded in mailing me, believe in my power zones. Wow I’m a genius now!


    RT knits

  • Though provoking and challenging. So fruitful for personal management / Leadership


    Commission de L' Ocean Indien

  • As someone who has 20 years old, the values I learnt pushes me to become a leader in tomorrow’s world.



  • The road to self-actualisation is not easy. Sandra and Ehsan paved the way in an inspiring and non interventionist manner. Thank you


    EBS (Mauritius) Ltd

  • An awesome journey of self awareness that I should have done years ago!!!



  • The best courses in my opinion are those that awake a desire for something more out of life and oneself. This course did this for me.

    Natacha Pelayo


  • It is a transformational experience. Must for Coaches, Trainers, Leaders.


    Coaching Essentials

  • We all need this tool. It changes your way of looking at the world.


    Coaching Essentials

  • I feel like a Human Being now and not a Human Doing! Looking forward to the next session.

    Rajeshri Moher


  • Coaching should be a mainstream subject for children and adults.

    Waiman Ip Min Wan


  • Feeling inspired to be a human being not a human having and doing.

    Annabelle Nayna

    Hotel Paradis

  • It was a wonderful journey discovering, refreshing and learning about coaching and myself.


    Coaching Essentials

  • It revived my passion for coaching and it opened up new possibilities for me.


    Coaching Essentials

  • It gave me the opportunity to learn and discover myself and others. Very enriching.


    Coaching Essentials

  • Great thanks to Sandra & Ehsan for their energy and for sharing with us their knowledge

    Vincent De Marassé Enouf

    Constance Hotels

  • Sandra, Ehsan thank you for being true to yourself when sharing with us. Connection and communication were meta and meaningful!

    Sebastian Rousset

    Flower AD Ltd

  • These last 3 days have been the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my life. You are like a blessing to me for showing us that there exist such a powerful state within ourselves and we just have to be aware of it and it unlock the keys to so many things in our life. You are like...

    Reena Ramdawon

    VIP Laser Clinic

  • Thank you ‘New Beginnings’. Warmest expression of gratitude to lena and colin for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us to bring the best in us and in the close future for us to bring the best in our surroundings also

    Nadine Marie-Louise

    Sunibel International Ltd

  • Having fun in using the techniques of meta-coaching.

    Nadine Marie-Louise

    Sunibel International Ltd

  • I am celebrating my transformation. Thanks a big bunch Sandra & Ehsan. Warm hugs.

    Michella How

    Blueconnect Ltd

  • This information is so valuable and is delivered with expertise by Sandra & Ehsan. Everybody should attend these courses.

    Melania Destounis


  • Meta coaching is an incredible journey towards my insight, as I near my core, things are being unveiled and revealed. Thanks magic meta coaches – Ehsan & Sandra.

    Megha Venketasamy

    Business Magic Ltd

  • Loved the group who was very supportive. So enriching experience. I need to clarify the Power Zone Pattern.

    Mary-Ann Stephen


  • I discovered tools and models that make me feel more confident to progress in my life as well as make others progress

    Marvin Maneve

    Maingard & Associates

  • I attended my first coach training about 5 years ago, but this one is definitely on another level, the Meta Level! Thank-you Sandra & Ehsan.

    Marc Marivel

    Constance Hotels

  • I love the atmosphere that you take special care to build; sweets, chocolate, fruits, dancing and the friendly and care both Sandra & Ehsan show towards us all. Thank you so much.

    Lyndee Appadoo

    Aon Hewitt Ltd

  • I will highly recommend this course to all organisation Managers to attend. Colin and Lena have delivered a great Self Leadership development course- Bravo Et Merci

    Lindley Anthony

    Somatrans Ltd

  • Thanks to have bring this coaching course to our island

    Kishna Ramen

    Orange Business Services

  • I am grateful and thank-ful for this wow course!

    Kavita Jeetun

    Calais Bougies Co Ltd

  • Thank you for the  mind-blowing 3 days, I started with a 45 mins walk on Vandermesch yesterday morning and continued this morning, I have been finding excuses not to do this for 3 months now. ” HOW FANTASTIC!”

    Joyce Clever Aglar


  • I have discovered or confirmed a lot of things about myself and think I better prepared to get connected with others

    Jean Curd Chaumiere

    Shandrani Hotel

  • I look forward to continuing my training.

    Jan Carinci


  • The privilege for the Anchor Session from Sandra very incredible.

    Jacques Requin


  • So great to know that I can change someone’s state

    Isabelle Lew

    Gamma Materials Ltd

  • A breakthrough experience on the last day…

    Hubert Gaspard


  • A world to explore; a powerful tool to change the world…and myself

    Gerard Gouges

    Indian Ocean Commission

  • Sandra and Ehsan, you are great! You have made me discovered how to embrace on a fantastic journey. I feel enriched by you and all the participants who shared their experience with me.

    Eddy Yeung

    Ciel Textile Ltd

  • Thank you!!! Am a turning point in my life and career and this course is what I have been forward to.

    Corine Racoute

    Sofitel Imperial Hotel

  • I’ve come with an open mind state and it was more than I could expect…just feeling ‘waow’. Going to keep that open mind state open…

    Coaching Genius Participant, Nov 2014


  • Thank you Lena and Colin for your time and your sharing of formes – structure and patterns of our human condition

    Coaching Genius Participant, Mar 2014


  • Continue what you are doing. You people are great

    Coaching Genius Participant, Mar 2014


  • I would strongly recommend this rigid/robust coaching approach to as many people in my vicinity

    Coaching Genius Participant, Mar 2014


  • Thank-you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Coaching Essentials Participant, Nov 2013


  • Doing the entire session, I felt like I was tapping into my innerself to foresee my future.

    Coaching Essentials Participant, Nov 2013


  • A must for every human being to go through this journey.

    Coaching Essentials Participant, Feb 2014


  • How Fantastic this unique course is. The content is well presented by Sandra & Ehsan with lots of interaction and participation.

    Coaching Essentials Participant, Feb 2014


  • It does really help me to reach the meta state and unlearn to learn (vice versa)

    Coaching Essentials Participant Feb 2014


  • I was ‘plateauing’ (flat) in my life, now I have the tools to go ahead :). Thank You with all my heart! You are great Coaches.

    Catherine Lacoste

    Anahita Residences & Villas Ltd

  • I would recommend to all senior managers where we can create a better workplace

    Brinda Appasamy

    Expand Technology (Holding) Ltd

  • I am very enthusiastic to reach ‘coaching genius’ and ‘ACMC’. I can’t wait for 2015 for ACMC.

    Atish Bagolah


  • When the student is ready, the master appears! Thank you Sandra & Ehsan for leading us down the rabbit hole and making us dig deeper into the confines of our mind!!

    Aruna Pulton


  • Indeed I cannot help but to share the upstart of my day today after the most fabulous 03 days of my life. I woke up taking full responsibility of how I want to be today….all the beautiful words and phrases (resources) were tossing and turning all around me. It was like plucking ripe fruits from a tree!!! I drove with...

    Anuradha Nunkoo

    Air Mauritius

  • Everybody can benefit from this course.

    Anju Ajodah

    Middlesex University Branch

  • A must for all leaders. They will better understand how and why people behave as they do!

    Andre Viljoen

    Air Mauritius

  • It’s just the beginning of the story and there’s a lot more to come and I’m excited to discover the rest…

    Anouchka Letimier


  • It has been an amazing experience opening so many new awareness and perspective for the future.

    Danielle Palmyre

  • An amazing experience to create awareness.

    Robert Thomas


  • It is a light hearted way of teaching with an atomic bomb of tools! WOW!

    Paula Labat

    Lemon Tree Café

  • I realise that Coaching rightly could bring wealth and Happiness to the World.

    Alexandra Nobin

    Shandrani Hotel

  • A New Beginnings towards a better future.


    Gamma Materials Ltd

  • I can celebrate that I have gone through an enriching experience to be a better person in my private and professional life.

    Queensnee Peergun


  • Whatever your level, you will learn a lot provided you come with an empty cup and it will be knowledge for life.

    Bruneau Woomed

    Business Magic Ltd

  • New Beginnings make dream come true.

    Pradeep Bheem Singh

    Air Mauritius

  • A good insight into human relationships.

    Ramess Dussoye

    Lux resorts

  • The richness of the information, the logical progression and the personal discovery. Brilliant!

    Pascal Bertrand

    Lux Resorts

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