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Neuro-Semantics is about your personal development for greater meaningfulness, success, and contribution in life. In Neuro-Semantics we focus on the processes that will reliably unleash your highest and best potentials. We do that by enabling you to create the most enhancing and robust meanings that will then enable you to implement your best values into the actions that make up your performances. By modeling excellence in people who are actualizing their highest and best we continue to create new models. As Neuro-Semantics has spread around the world, it is now in over 40 countries inspiring people with a vision about modeling excellence to unleashing human potentials. Coaching in Neuro-Semantics is called Meta-Coaching. Training, Certification, and license as a Meta-Coach (ACMC, MCMC) come from graduating from the Meta-Coach System. Training in Neuro-Semantics is conducted by Licensed Neuro-Semantic Trainers which comes from graduating from the NSTT (Neuro-Semantic Trainers’ Training).

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The International Meta-Coach training system

Meta-Coaching is a powerful coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking Coach and client to higher levels - to Developmental and Transformational Coaching. That is why we call it 'meta' meaning a higher level. At these levels profound change occurs naturally and easily. The result is success and transformation. Meta-Coach™ Training is an accelerated coach training system that supports participants to move through learning modules, culminating in Master Coach Status. It is taught in an environment that gives participants every opportunity to excel - as Executive, Personal (Life), Organisational and Self Coaches. This comprehensive program differentiates itself from other coaching education by integrating three key areas of a successful coaching career: Your Self, Your Coaching Skills and Your Coaching Business. Meta-Coach™ training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics (NS) and integrates them into cutting-edge coaching psychology. The training programs are rigorous and qualifications internationally recognized.

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Identity Compass

The Identity Compass® is an innovative personnel selection tool which uses an inventory of "thinking structures". It registers how people think and make decisions in typical work situations. It points out what motivates employees, what their values are and what their career goals are. The Identity Compass® gives clear guidance on which employees are likely to perform best in which situations and how improvement can best be achieved and will help you understand how candidates will perform under stress, work in a team, or how best to motivate them to succeed on the job. It is actually possible to accurately estimate how long an employee is likely to stay on a particular job. The Identity Compass® is scientifically guided Dr David Scheffer. Dr Scheffer is specialized in research on motives.

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IOCA – Indian Ocean Coaching Association

IOCA is a young and vibrant association created to support Professional Coaches. Coaches provide amazing and unique services for empowering and supporting people in their personal growth. Our goals, among others, is to maintain strong and active membership, grow and spread expert coaching knowledge and skills, guard and protect our ability to do the work we do, increase public awareness of coaching, and continue to reach out to more and more people and organizations who can benefit from Coaching Services. We are committed to excellence. Our standards for memberships are high; so as to ensure that this profession continues to provide professional and ethical Coaching by experienced Coaches who have the required quality education and training.

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