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Event: Sytemic Leader Exec Forum
Date: 23 May 2024
Venue: Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebene, Mauritius
Time: 16:00h-19:00h

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  • Normal Ticket: Rs 15,500
  • Networking Ticket: Rs 19,500 (Includes pre- and post-engagement with speakers)
  • Full-access Ticket: Rs 25,000 (Includes event plus private dinner with panel)

How to Pay?: Transfer or PayPal
Banking Details: MCB Account No: 000 440 672 880
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Step into the future of leadership at the Systemic Leader Exec Forum: Organizational Development is a Leadership Responsibility

Taking a personal interest in developing and evolving people, systems and culture is a leadership Responsibility. Gone are the days of micromanaging day-to-day operations; instead, leaders are now expected to invest their time and energy into fostering people and culture. Yet, many hesitate to make this shift, fearing irrelevance. Little do they realize that by investing in changing mindsets and behaviours, they cultivate a more effective workforce in the long run. Join us as we delve into the obstacles hindering this transition and explore how leaders can navigate these challenges to steer their organizations towards future fitness.

What to expect?

🟠Gain invaluable insights from five CEOs as they share their journeys of navigating this shift—unveiling both the triumphs and tribulations they’ve encountered along the way.

🟠Discover the future of Leadership Development and Culture creation and unravel the mysteries behind why traditional culture change programs and leadership training often fall short.

🟠Plus, unlock the secrets of New Beginnings’ Systemic Development Models, designed to empower CEOs to actively drive organizational evolution and cultivate workplaces that inspire.

Meet Our Host:

Sandra Aveleira Viljoen – Director (New Beginnings Coaching Ltd) & Systemic Development Practitioner

Ceo Speaker Panel:

• Andre Viljoen: Managing Director & CEO (Fiji Airways)
• Heba Capdevila-Jangeerkhan: Chief Executive Officer (Cementis Group)
• Anthony Leung Shing: Country Senior Partner & Tax Partner (PwC Mauritius)
• Mark Vanbeuningen: Group Strategic and Investment Executive (Ciel Group)
• Annette Treebhoobun: Executive Director at PILS (Prévention Information Lutte contre le SIDA)

Join us on this journey as we unite leaders to redefine the future of organizational excellence. Together, let’s chart a course towards sustainable growth.

Systemic Leader Exec Forum (May 2024) (#31)
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