Sandra Viljoen Makes New Beginnings

South African in origin and famous coach, counselor for managers, CEO and others, so in love in Mauritius that she has decided to settle in Mauritius and start her new beginning in our island.

For Sandra Viljoen, everything has a beginning, birth, first day at school, first day in college, first day in university, first love affair, marriage, being parents and being grandparents.

After living for a long time in South Africa, Sandra Viljoen who comes from a marketing background and will open in 2012 her own coaching company in Mauritius called “the New Beginning”.

Here is her exclusive interview with ebene.mu where she talk about her new company, coaching, training and counseling as well as the concept of self-esteem but she says that there is a spark is now missing in the Mauritian way of service. Sandra Viljoen also tell that we are trained in negative way up to the age of 18 and about the courses that “The New Beginnings” will offer in the coming months.